Anna & Marlow | A Celebration of Motherhood

I am ecstatic to announce that the Mothering Sessions are now in full swing and that I have had THE LOVELIEST women and babes in front of my lens. As you all know I am so so so passionate about motherhood and feel called to celebrate it in a real and natural way through my photography. There is a narrative floating around out there that we, as mothers, are "invisible." In fact it's nearly trendy to believe so. (This is another blog post coming soon!) It's my mission to dispel that lie and capture mamas as they are in everyday life. We aren't often in photos with our children and I'm here to change that.

I spent a gloriously sunny morning with Anna and Marlow at the beginning of February. Can I just say how much I loved our time together? They are so incredibly in love with each other and have the sweetest connection. Anna is the best mama. And the love she has for her girl is palpable and so inspiring to me as a mother.

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We read books, had an epic dance party and even played in the bathtub because WHY NOT?! What made this all so special was the fact that this was just the girls. Marlow's sweet baby brother is arriving soon and this was the sweetest time with Anna and her girl before the baby whirlwind. I'm honored to capture her beautiful motherhood.

These images aren't just for Anna. They aren't just for celebrating her motherhood. They're for Marlow too. When she grows up she'll have these to look back on and to show her kids. She'll be able to say, "See! Look how amazing this woman is!" I hope in some way to create a legacy that will be passed down through the generations. What an amazing start to The Mothering Sessions. See highlights from their session below, and to book your own Mothering Session contact me here.