You're Engaged! . . . Now what?

Been there, girl! You get engaged and (if you're like me!) after all the initial celebrations your mind goes straight to planning your day. What do you want it to look like? How many guests? To stay local or go abroad? So so many questions. And of course, as soon as you're ready to plan, you'll want to get those big decisions done first and get those first vendors booked. Some of us book up quickly and at least a year out, so it's incredibly important to get in touch as soon as you know.

And while that may sound simple enough, you want to put good thought into each of your vendors to avoid disappointment and to be confident in exactly what kind of service you'll get. So here's a little walk through of how to research and book the photographer who will capture your day EXACTLY how you want it to be.

1.Do Your Research!

Yes, word of mouth referrals are awesome. Say your sister or best friend just got married and she says to get in touch with her photographer because she had a good experience with them. Great! First hand experiences are the best way to know how it'll be. But MAKE CERTAIN that you like your friends photos. MAKE CERTAIN that you have the same style. Just because your friend loves her photos doesn't mean it has to be the photographer for you! Not all photographers are created equal or shoot in the same way. So decide what kind of photography that you want. For instance, do you like a natural edit, bright and airy edit or moody edit more? If you prefer a more moody tones in your photographs, do not book a photographer who shoots bright and airy. We do not work or edit the same way and usually don't edit to other's preferences. Do you want your photos more posed or natural and candid? If you're hoping for natural, unposed photography of your day, you'll be disappointed if you book a photographer who doesn't give you room to laugh or be candid.

Then read up on us! We put so much work into our websites. We carefully craft every word, blog and image that goes on here so take your time to read through everything and get to know who we are and how we work! Insta stalk us! It's not creepy, that's why it's there! You'll want a photographer whose values, visions and personalities mesh with yours.

2.What's Your Budget?

Photography is not cheap. That's just how it is. Keep this in mind when you're looking for your photographer. Many of us charge roughly the same and some of us will work with you regardless of budget! But keep in mind that for many of us this is our full time business. What we charge is based off of our needs for the year. We're not just charging you for shooting your day, we're charging you for helping you prepare for your day, shooting your day, travel to and from your venues, editing your images (on average about 40+ hours of editing per wedding), paying our second shooters, renting and upgrading our equipment, paying for our different softwares, web hosting, marketing, outsourcing etc. Sometimes we don't even break even on a wedding or take home very little to our families. That's why most wedding photography is upwards of £1500. Also, capturing this day is so important and you want it done well! So be open and realistic when it comes to budgeting and plan accordingly! Many of us have our starting prices listed on our sites so make sure you can make our base price before enquiring.

3.Be Personal in Your Enquiry!

We invest in you from that first email we get! We're already thinking about your day and what it would look like. So it's always best to be personal in your enquiry. Address us by our names (for many of us its the name of our business!), let us know WHY you're enquiring! Do you love our work? Have we shot a friend's wedding? Letting us know why you want us to be your photographer gets us so excited about your day!

4.Give us ALL the Info!

Like I said above, we really invest in you from the get go. Things to include in your enquiry are: Date (we really do need a specific date so we can let you know if we're available), location (or venues you're considering if you don't know yet), size of your wedding, the vibe of your day or your hopes for the day etc; but also include info about you two! Your names, how long you've been together, things you love etc. It really helps us feel like we know you and helps us figure out the best ways to serve you when it comes to your wedding day!


Sure this may fall under more of an "Ediquite of engriries" blog but I know I speak for all of my fellow photographers when I say this. Do not ghost us when we send you our prices! We really are invested from the get go. We get really excited when we hear about your day, personally craft our email back to you, send our investment guide only to hear crickets. It's heart wrenching sometimes. If you get our prices and its not in your budget or you've changed your mind, a simple "Thanks but no thanks" email goes a long way. Odds are we'll understand but please don't leave us in the dark!

We realise that you may have multiple photographers that you're inquiring with and know that sometimes the decision comes down to budget and availability, but don't forget that you want to get on well with and feel comfortable around your photographer. Always make sure to take them up on their offer for a coffee, phone call, engagement shoot or whatever they offer you before you book. Feeling comfortable in front of your photographer makes all the difference when it comes to your wedding day and photos!

This is YOUR day together. No one else's. Your photographer can make or break the feel of your day as well as how you see your wedding day for years to come. Pick the photographer that you feel will serve you the best and provide you with the images that capture exactly how you want your day to be remembered.

Want to chat more about what it's like to have me shoot your day? Get in touch here! I'm so excited to meet and know you!