I love engagement sessions.

If you've been around these parts for a bit you'll know that about me. In fact I love them so much that I offer a complimentary session with each wedding I shoot. And I've gone into detail as to why I love them in another blog post (here) so head over and read that if you're wondering why you should have an engagement session. Yes, engagement sessions are good practice for your big day and yes, they are a way to get to know me more, but what do you do with the images after you have them? I want your images to be so much more than Instagram posts and profile pictures (yes, absolutely use them for this but there's so much more to them); I want them to be memories captured and legacy preserved for you. So what else can you do with your engagement photos besides social media? Read on to get some ideas!


This may sound silly, but your photos are meant to be printed, framed and cherished. Even if you'll be getting incredible wedding photos soon, your engagement photos really capture that sweet period before you tie the knot. I do my best to make your session fun and adventurous so I want that to be reflected in your photos. Print them, keep them in an album or whatever you can to make sure that sweet period of being so crazy in love is captured forever. I make this easy on you by having an option for you to shop for and order professional prints in any size directly from your gallery!

2.Use Them for Your Invitations and Thank You's

Personalise your invitations or save the dates by putting some of your favourite photos from your session directly on your invitations! This is a great option if you are DIYing your wedding invitations through a site such as Vistaprint, Canva or Snapfish. Just keep in mind that some of the budget friendly sites may have an effect on the colours of your images. If you're going to use them for your invites, make sure to schedule you shoot early enough to have them made!

3.Use Them Throughout Your Wedding Day

Following on from using your images on your wedding stationary, try using them on your order of service if you're having one or throughout your wedding as decor. Have a bespoke guest book made with your images throughout. Some couples choose to use them as decorations at their receptions either as a banner of photos or as backgrounds for their table numbers. You can use them as a slide show before your ceremony or during your reception. The possibilities really are endless! Just flex your creative muscle a bit! If it can be personalised, you have an opportunity to use your images.

4.Make a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are the ultimate way to get your guests all the info they need and an even better way to display your images. This way you can use multiple images all at once too!

5.Gifts For Each Other and Parents

Sometimes getting a great photo together is hard! Trust me, my husband and I have very few GREAT photos together. Your engagement session is a great opportunity to get tons of great photos together. These photos make great framable gifts for each other and for parents that really showcase you two as a couple and your connection.

Your possibilities really are endless!

I hope this list has given you just a bit of inspiration for what can be done with your engagement photos. I want it to be so much more than just a fun shoot or practice for your big day. Those things are so important but I want to give you a physical product that can be used again and again! Ready to book your engagement session? Get in touch here to get your shoot scheduled! I'd love to capture this sweet time for you two!