Meet the Scotts.

If you ever need an example for love in the time of Corona, let these two have the job! These two have such an incredible story and their journeys to find each other are fraught with the Lord's faithfulness. I first met Mark and Lauren on a rainy night late last year. They were planning their wedding day, one much anticipated by both of them, for May of 2020. Fateful 2020.

You can imagine what happens next. Boris locks down the UK forcing engaged couples to scramble to find alternatives and save their wedding days. Lauren and Mark found themselves in that same boat. We worked to find an alternative date for them, but these two weren't about to let Corona have the final say! As soon as it was allowed, we scheduled their engagement session. To still honor their original date, the 30th of May, we decided that would be the day we did their engagement session.

However, they bravely and faithfully took matters into their own hands. As soon as it was allowed, they married in a private, intimate ceremony in Lauren's parent's garden even earlier than their original wedding date! So their engagement session turned into a "just married" shoot and let me tell you, I'm here for it! These two are so in love. Like SO in love! It made my job so easy.

They were my first shoot back after lock down restrictions were eased. I can't think of a better way to get back into work! We met up on a stunningly gorgeous night and headed to the sea with a quick stop for fun in a wildflower meadow. Too dreamy! My heart actually skipped a beat when Lauren said "We brought towels just in case we end up in the sea!" And end up in the sea they did!

What I love most about engagement sessions is just hanging out with the couple. We become very comfortable with each other quickly, because there's something about a camera that strips away walls and guards. I shoot in a way that strives to capture authentic connection - these two made that easy! By the end of the night we were just friends hanging out, and that's how I approach every shoot I do.

What makes my heart sing even more is that this is just the beginning! Like so many couples, they have rescheduled their wedding celebration for next May and what a day that will be. I'm so excited to be there to capture it all as they celebrate their love and the Lord's faithfulness with friends and family. I admire their commitment to each other, even if none of this has gone like they planned. Thankfully we serve a faithful God who isn't surprised that they had to marry early in their garden, but knew all along and has blessed it just the same. To all you couples feeling jilted by 2020, know this: Your wedding day and marriage is still sacred and valid even if your plans didn't work out. Even if you were married in your garden instead of the grand ceremony you had planned, you are still married and it is just as sacred!

To see more of Mark and Lauren's session, click here! And if you're interested in booking your own engagement or couple's session click here and get in touch via my contact form! I'd love to chat more about capturing the legacy of love that you two are leaving for generations.

-Kellie x