What has Covid taught us?

As I look back at my time in the countless, never-ending lockdowns here in the UK, it's safe to say that my priorities and values on somethings have changed drastically. Some things have become way more important and other things less so. For instance, I cherish and value my family (spread all over the world), the outdoors, simply spending time and sitting in a friend's home or garden, and long hugs so much more now. Things that have shown to be not as important as I thought are, "the hustle," busyness, nights out (even though I can't wait for a date with my husband, we've realised that we don't NEED it), shopping, a packed social schedule...

I feel like the wedding industry is undergoing the same kind of cull. Yes, we can't wait for the packed dance floors, for all our loved ones to be at our weddings, NO MASKS or limits. But one thing that I really believe Covid has gifted the wedding community is just how wonderful intimate weddings can be. We've realised maybe we don't need as much as we thought we did. We're realising that your wedding day does not make a marriage. Love does that. Yes, I LOVE the big wedding days but I am OBSESSED with the intimate wedding. I really think you should consider one. If you are considering one, let this be your sign. DO IT. Read on to find out why you should and how you can make it incredible!

1.Endless Location Possibilities

With smaller numbers means you have more flexibility on location and venue! You don't need to find a massive hotel to fit everyone. You could travel if you want! (We're talking in a Covid-free, safe world of course). One of my favourite intimate weddings was up in the hills of the Val D'Orcia region of Tuscany. (pictured above and featured throughout this post). You could have your ceremony in your family church, then head to a family member's garden with a marquee, or even a small restaurant in the city for your reception. It also means we have more time to go somewhere beautiful for your photos or we can plan a day after session! We aren't tied to a venue with "meh" photo locations. The possibilities are endless! You don't have to do what everyone else does!

2.More Room in Your Budget

With fewer mouths to feed and no need for a massive, expensive venue you can channel that money and invest in the vendors that are really important to you! Want to book my most all-inclusive package? Really want THAT GOWN? Really want those cute personalised leather jackets? With a smaller wedding you can get just what you want! I've written a blog all about how you could DIY your wedding here, but if you're saving money on meals, wedding cars or a massive venue just think of what else you could invest in! Prioritise what vendors are most important to you and invest wisely in those!

3.It's More Personal (And Memorable for You!)

You won't have to think "did I say hi to everyone?" or "who have I not talked to?" or "who is that person?!" Everyone is there. You shouldn't be rushed and stressed on your wedding day. Having it more laid back and intimate means there's less of a chance you'll feel rushed to say hi to everyone. When that rush or pressure comes in, that's when the day turns into a blur. Wedding days can be a total blur! Intimate weddings are memorable, slow and intentional. You also get the opportunity to break with tradition or do something a little bit different. You can get so creative with your intimate wedding!

4.Keeps the Focus on your Love

We can get so caught up in the details and the "Pinterest-worthiness" of our weddings so quickly. Sometimes I feel like a massive party can eclipse the real reason you're there. Yes, weddings are fun to plan, yes you want everyone there, but why are you doing it? With an intimate wedding your love is always at the forefront and you get more say in how it looks. It's both intimate and intentional. It strips back everything that can distract us from what a wedding should be!

You Can Have the BEST Day!

During this year of Covid, I've had the immense honour of capturing some incredible intimate weddings. Each of these couples took matters into their own hands, rolled with the punches and had the most beautiful days. They made restrictions work in their favour and turned their wedding days into beautiful, intimate celebrations with their nearest and dearest. See those weddings below to get inspiration!