I am loving this slow, admin-filled time of year for my business. I love going through all my sessions from my shoots this summer with so so so much gratitude and joy for this past year and even more gratitude and anticipation of what is to come in 2020 and beyond. I am so passionate about engagement sessions! It gives me a chance as your photographer to not only get to know you (who wants a complete stranger photographing your wedding?!) but to get to know your preferences and how you interact together in front of the camera. You also get a feel of how I work! That way when it comes to your wedding day we not only feel like friends, but we feel confident and comfortable with each other going into your wedding day. I also love to create space for you two to connect and have some fun together in a different way. Our lives can become so cluttered and busy so I try and structure my engagement sessions as a date with me as an awkward third wheel of course (well, I hope I'm not too awkward).

One of my first engagement shoots back from maternity leave was with Siobhan and Jordan. I met with Siobhan and Jordan last November to chat about their wedding day. In July we hung out together in one of our glorious forests here in NI for their engagement session. My favorite part of our session was when we arrived to a certain area of the forest and Siobhan said that this was the exact spot where Jordan proposed. I loved being able to be with them at this special place in this special time in their relationship. I am so excited for their wedding this coming summer!