Getting Ready Photos -

They are so important to me as your photographer! They set up the tone and vibe of your day and are often filled with so much joy, nerves and anticipation. I love capturing your day as it happens, and capturing those moments before it all goes down are such a key element in that. Of course it is my job to make sure these photos are ones that are ones you love, however you can help me by making sure the following are done before I even get to you! These will help ensure that you have the best getting ready photos possible! Read on for my top 5 getting ready photo tips:

5. Have your details handy

Shoes, jewelry, perfume, invites etc.

I love to capture all the little details, so have your shoes, jewelry, wedding bands, perfume, invites etc., handy. Have your dress (and bridesmaids dresses if you want) somewhere easy to access. If you trust me handling your dress, I like to take her somewhere so she can have her own little moment. Just like the smell of your wedding day perfume will take you right back to your best day, I want your photos to do the same. Snapshots of your details just set the scene and will take you back to this day!

4. Keep it Tidy

Be aware of your surroundings

Now, not to sound like your mum, but clean your room. If you're getting ready in a cluttered or dirty room not only will you feel stressed but it's tough for your other vendors and I to move about. You may have your make up artist, hair dresser, videographers and I all in the same room (not to mention whoever you're getting ready with!). There's only so much I can edit out of a photo, so pick up your undies, de-clutter a bit and make space for your best day.

3. Don't Forget the Little But Big Moments

Reading letters, giving gifts, first looks etc

I'm all about adding in personal elements to your day and I totally believe these should start in the morning. What can you do that would make your getting ready moments special? Whether it be the two of you two writing each other letters to read before you walk down the aisle, giving your bridal party gifts or gathering your crew or Dad in one area to reveal your gown, these moments are an incredible addition to set the tone for your day and are a joy to capture!

2. All Hands on Deck!

parents, bridal party etc.

Don't go it alone. Let your loved ones help you out! You likely wouldn't be where you are if it weren't for them so let Mum button up your gown, let your best man help straighten your tie and put your coat on, and let your Dad bring you the coffee. Odds are it will mean the world to them. Your loved ones WANT to be there for you. So let them. Again, it brings a personal element to the morning and those photos are ones that you will cherish for years!



If you take nothing else away from this blog post, take this one. GET READY IN A ROOM WITH LOADS OF NATURAL LIGHT. Your makeup artist will most likely have you facing a natural light source so this will help both of us. For the most natural images, keep the blinds open and the big light off if possible. I am comfortable shooting in any light, however for the best photos I will always recommend that natural light be prevalent in the room you get ready in. It makes ALL the difference!

At the end of the day,

as your wedding photographer I am the one responsible for how your photos turn out. I will always take full responsibility and I am honoured that you would put your trust in me. However, if you keep all of the above in mind (ESPECIALLY LIGHT!) it will help me ensure that I am not only delivering your wedding photos as soon as possible, but it will greatly help the quality of those images. I want you to love your photos. I want you to look back through the years and be transported right back to that day; I want your children to do the same. This is your legacy I'm capturing and I don't take that lightly. So let's work together as a team to make sure your photos are the best they can be and ones that you will treasure forever!