Last spring, Volya and Tim came to the coast of Northern Ireland all the way from Belarus to commit their lives to each other and I was blessed enough to be asked to shoot their day. I absolutely loved the intimacy of their elopement; it was just them and their minister, standing before God and saying yes to forever.

We arrived at their chosen location, Dunluce Castle, only to find it completely shrouded in thick sea fog. But the sheer joy was still palpable and absolutely nothing was going to stand in the way of these crazy in love people making this the best day of their life.

These two kept their day so sweet and focused on the covenant they were making. From Volya's homemade dress to the amazing pastries brought as wedding cake, the whole day was so real, personal and full of what really matters. No distractions, no big production! After they spoke vows to each other in their native Russian and exchanged rings, they took their first communion as husband and wife and dedicated their life together to the Lord.

After it was all official we wandered around Dunluce Castle a bit then headed to White Rocks Beach. This was Volya's first time at the edge of the ocean and there was just something so sweet, refreshing and joyous about the whole thing. The whole day could not have been more joyful.

I was so blessed to have been able to spend the whole day celebrating with them. Although there was a bit of a language barrier (Tim was an excellent translator between Volya and I) I was blessed to leave the day with two new friends. See more of their elopement below. If you're thinking or stripping it all back and just running away with your beloved to get married, I can not recommend the shores of Northern Ireland enough! If you're interested in chatting with me about covering your elopement simply contact me here or enter to WIN a FREE day of elopement photography here!