what are you getting yourself into?

I firmly believe your wedding photographer can make or break your day. So here's an honest look at what it's like to have me as your wedding photographer.

First off, I AM FOR YOU. I'm not here for my own notoriety. I'm not trying to get the coolest, trendiest photo for my Instagram feed. I am here to serve you. I am here to capture your best days honestly and authentically. I don't care who you are, what you look like, what your follower count is or what your wedding day looks like.

You deserve a wedding photographer who will serve you and capture your day well.

I firmly believe that it is my calling to serve couples in this stage of their life by being a supporter and cheerleader. My hope is to be a presence that eases your stress during your wedding day by gently supporting you and reminding you of your love.

What's a Session or Wedding Day Like?

Easy and stress free. End of. But seriously, that's my mission. I aim to bring calm and fun to your session and your wedding day. Is being in front of the camera awkward sometimes? Yep! I have a hard time being on the other side of the lens too. But I'm here to make you feel like yourself and hopefully help you forget that there's even a camera there!

Your Session

Whether it's a family session, engagement session or couple's session, my hope is to capture exactly who you are! I use gentle guidance and prompts to bring out your unique connection, real laughs and genuine smiles! I won't leave you standing there feeling awkward or not knowing what to do. I'll guide you and let your individual, authentic connection flow from there. We'll climb mountains or hang out by the sea together and capture that joy in a real and stress free way!

Your Wedding Day

I shoot your wedding exactly how I shoot any other session. I pride myself on bringing calm and shooting your day exactly how it unfolds. I'm a fly on the wall as they say. I offer gentle guidance and suggestions without making your images fabricated, stiff and awkward. You want to recognise yourselves in your wedding photos years on. You want to be able to remember how you felt on that day and that's exactly what I'll capture for you!

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